Oil Well Drilling

Uses: Drilling fluids hydraulic fracturing
Derivatives: 300Borate cross-linked guar gum, hydroxy alkyl ether derivatives
Functions: Control of water loss, viscosity, suspension, turbulence, mobility, friction reduction.

Textile Printing

Uses: Cotton, rayon silk, wool sizing, carpet printing
Derivatives: Carboxy-methyl guar, hydroxy propyl guar, modified guar gum
Functions: Reduces warp breakage, reduces dusting film forming thickening for dye.


Uses: Wrapping paper, kraft, photographic paper, filter
Derivatives: Oxidised guar gum, cross-linked, guar gum amino ethyl gum, modified guar gum, guar gum formate
Functions: Replaces hemi-cellulose, increase strength, fold, pick, pulp hydration, etention of fines, decreases porosity.


Uses: Concentration of ore, filtration
Derivatives: Aminoethyl guar gum, sulphate of guar gum
Functions: Flocculating and settling agent, filter aid.


Uses: Reconstitution of fragmented tobacco
Derivatives: Reaction product of carboxy-methyl cellulose and guar gum
Functions: Binding agent, strengthening agent.

Water Treatment

Uses: Industrial water, drinking water
Derivatives: Food grade guar gum
Functions: Coagulant aid (food approved).

Fire Fighting

Uses: Water for fighting fires
Derivatives: Guar gum with ethylene glycol and glycerol
Functions: Friction reducing, dispersion and direction control.


Uses: Emulsions, gelatine solutions
Derivatives: Borate cross-linked guar gum hydrolysed guar gum
Functions: Gelling, hardening agent.


Uses: Enamels, electro-ceramics
Derivatives: Chlorinated guar gum
Functions: Fixing, binding thickening agent.
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