Sysbania   Powder


Grade R I C O L – SB - D12
Appearance Yellow
Technical Specification
Dehuskee Splits 90% Max.
Moisture 7% Max.
Gum Content 86% Max.
Protein 6% Max.
Ash Content 1% Max.
Black Spots and fragments 2% Max.
Fiber 0.5% Max.
Grade R I C O L – SB - 235
Appearance White Fine Powder
Technical Specification
Moisture 12% Max.
Ph (1% M) 6.5%
Gum Content 80% Min.
Protein 5% Max.
Ash Content 1% Max.
Acid Insoluble Residue 3% Max.
Starch Negative
After 5 Min 2500
After 30 Min 3000
After 60 Min 3500
After 120 min 3800-4000
On 100 Mesh Through 100 Mesh >= 99
Through 200 Mesh >= 95

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