Sesbania   Meal

Sesbania Meal

We supply good quality Sesbania Meal used as feed ingredients in cattle feed industry and aqua feed industry. Sesbania grandiflora is a good source of fodder, particularly during drought periods. Sesbania grandiflora is a major component of ruminant diets in eastern Indonesia where it may comprises up to 70 % of total forage allowance during the dry season.Sesbania herbage generally supplements low quality roughages such as straws, crop residues or dried grasses. This dilutes the effects of antinutritional factors and greatly improves the utilisation of roughages. The digestibility and degradability of Sesbania grandiflora dry matter and nutrients are generally high and compare favourably to those of other common legumes species such as Gliricidia and Leucaena. DM digestibility of Sesbania species is superior to that of most other tree and shrub legumes.

Use In Cattle Industry

In India, milk production of cows supplemented with Sesbania (5 kg/head/d) increased by 8 % (9.2 to 10.0 L/d). Milk protein remained high up to 60 days whereas the percentage of fat was not influenced (Vijayakumar et al., 2000a). For cows in early lactation receiving a diet supplemented with Sesbania grandiflora leaves (5 kg/head/day for 45 days), there were significant increases in protein propionate, butyrate, and rumen microbial in the experimental group, which shows that Sesbania grandiflora had no deleterious effects and had been beneficial to the ecology of the rumen.

Use in Aquaculture / Fish Feed

Its high herbage yield and protein content may make it a promising feed for aquaculture. Sesbania leaves can easily be grown abundantly in India with little cost and agronomical care. The leaf, thus available, is much cheaper than other essential feed ingredients such as fish meal. Sesbania is good source of vitamins and proteins - mainly tilapias is targeted fish species for this feed.

Use In Rabbit Feed

Sesbania leaves are a forage normally used for rabbit feeding.

Quality Specification

Crude Proteins 35 - 38 %
Oil 7 - 8 %
Moisture 6 - 7 %
Metabolic Energy 2800 Kcal/Kg
Sand & Sillica 0 - 1 %
Crude Fibers 12 - 13 %
Ash 4 - 5 %

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