PROTIEN Minimum 36.0%
FAT/OIL Basis 2.0%
FIBRE Maximum 12.0%
SAND/SILICA Maximum 2.5%
MOISTURE Basis 10.0%
ASH Maximum 9.0%


Rapeseed cake is co-produced with rapeseed oil in rapeseed crushing process. The rapeseed cake produced contains about 7-10% fat after pressing and is used primarily as a raw material for mixed feed in the animal feed industry. Each cake is approx. 1”diameter by 5/6” thick and consists of Rapeseed oil cake and its powder. No bonemeal or any other animal ingredients.

Terms of Packing : We make the Packing of rapeseed Meal in 45-50 kg PP begs and loos in container


  • Appearance Granules : 10-12-14 mm
  • Color: from Grey to Brown
  • Smell : characteristic of fresh sunflower oil cake
  • Moisture and volatile matter: % - 6-9
  • Mass fraction of Metal impurities : - no
  • Crude protein, based on dry substance: % - 38
  • Crude fat in fat-free products in recalculation on dry substance: %- 16
  • Fat content in the recalculated on dry substance: % - 11


Rapeseed meal is used for feed purposes by direct injection into the diet of the animals and for feed production. The use of rapeseed meal in dairy farming leads to an increase in quantity and quality of the final product, that is increased milk yield and milk protein composition.


Rapeseed Meal is a coarse powdery material, produced from rapeseed cake after series of preparatory physical processes followed by multistage extraction of oil under hygienically controlled conditions.

Terms of Packing : We make the Packing of rapeseed Meal in 45-50 kg PP begs and loos in container We make the delivery of rapeseed meal in CONTENAR and bulk vessels.

Basis of delivery : EXW, FCA, CPT, DAP, FOB port Yeisk, CIF- Incoterms 2010


  • Appearance :In granules 8-10-12-14 mm
  • Smell : characteristic of fresh rape seed cake
  • Color: From light brown with green shading to dark brown
  • Crude Protein in absolutely dry matter: 37%
  • Mass fraction of moisture and volatile, %, not more than : 8-12%
  • Crude Fibre in absolutely dry matter: 16%


Rapeseed meal (Canola Meal) is used basically in animal feed due to its protein content of 36-38%.

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