Physillium   Khakha   Powder

RICOL - Psyllium Industrial Kha-kha Powder

Common Names of Psyllium Flea, lspaghua, Spogel, Plantago Psyllium, Isaphgol, Plantago sp., Isabgula
Botanical Names of Psyllium Plantago Ovata, Plantago Ispaghula
Description When psylllium seeds are processed to make psyllium husk, the extraneous material left is termed as Psyllium Kha-Kha Powder i.e. Psyllium Industrial Dust. It is by product of psyllium husk
Product Purity
Purity Not less than 70% By Searle Method
Swelling 20-30 ml/gm
Heavy Extraneous Matter Not more than 5%
Light Extraneous Matter Not more than 25%
Moisture Not more than 12%
Total Ash Not more than 8%

The packing for export of the processed product is done according to the buyer's choice. The usual packing style includes

» HDPE lamniated fabric bag with inside polyliner

» Paper bag with inside polyliner

20’ container : 10 tons Psyllium husk / 20 tons Psyllium husk powder / 17 tons Psyllium seed / 20 tons Psyllium Industrial Kha-Kha powder can be loaded.

40’ container:20 tons Psyllium husk can be loaded. 25 Kgs HDPE Laminated bag with polyliner inside.

Top Medicinal applications Psyllium is mainly used for:

  • Maintaining / reducing blood cholesterol levels
  • Constipation
  • Piles and fissures
  • Acidity and ulcers
  • Supplement for slimming diet programs
  • Diarrhea, Dysentery and other bowel disorders

Heart Disease - Lowering Blood Cholesterol

Soluble fibre (Psyllium) acts as a hypocholesterolemic agent. Soluble fibre (Psyllium) helps block the synthesis of cholesterol through its fermentation into Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA) by the intestinal flora (friendly bacteria in the colon). When soluble fibre reaches the colon, it starts a fermentation process with the gut flora producing SCFA.

Several studies of Fibre Therapeutic Diet are done at New Orleans, at the University Of Kentucky College Of Medicine in Lexington and at Chicago Center of Clinical Research. These studies showed that when soluble fibre (Psyllium) is consumed either with high or low fat diet, it helps decrease total as well as LDL cholesterol.

Diabetes - Blood Glucose Control

Psyllium helps control the rise of blood glucose following a meal. It also helps reduce insulin requirement in-patients with diabetes mellitus.

Colon Function

Psyllium treats / prevents constipation or diarrhea. Soluble fibre in Psyllium adds bulk to faecal mass. It increases activity in bowel movement and increases intestinal transit time. It helps keep regularity. Psyllium acts as a detoxifying agent. Through its ability to absorb large amounts of water, it binds with heavy metals and chemical toxins. Psyllium is useful during radiation therapy due to its ability to rid the body of radiation induced toxemia.

Weight Control

Psyllium mucilage absorbs water and expands substantially. In the stomach, Psyllium expansion produces feeling of fullness. This causes a decrease in food intake. Psyllium has no harmful chemical side effects; it is just a herb that is loaded with beneficial soluble fibre.

Animal Feed:

1 Psyllium is used for Veterinary practices because psyllium seed husk contains 80 percent water-soluble fiber, it has the ability to capture and move sand through a horse’s digestive system.

2 To prevent choking when feeding psyllium, a horse should have unlimited access to water, and horses that bolttheir grain should be slowed down with large rocks in their feeders.

3 Psyllium is also used as horse feed, even foals feed without any harmful side effects.

4 Psyllium is used as a preventive for sand accumulation in animals mainly in sandy region.

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