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The soluble filament there in organic guar gum melts in water though it is not processed. From Organic guar gum when inspired helps to take up overload liquid in the colon adding a huge deal of size as it passes intact through the gut. This natural laxative has the ability to prevent diarrhea. as well being a natural laxative, organic guar gum adds no calorie to the body of consumer, as the soluble fiber content in organic guar gum is never processed in the body of consumer. Moreover, being fully organic, this natural laxative contains no unsafe chemicals as found in fake laxatives and thus has no side

Slimming Aids

The use of guar gum in slimming aids is proving to be a contreversial area as there are potentially serious health consequences if too much is ingested.

Diabetic Treatment

Guar gum is a food additive shown to reduce serum cholesterol. It appears to have positive effects on blood glucose. Do not use guar gum to promote weight loss.Guar gum has been administered in amounts from 7.5 to 21 g daily in clinical trials for weight loss.

Tablet Preparation

The enlargement action of guar gum, in turn, is controlled by the rate of water uptake into the matrices. An inverse relationship is present between the drug concentration in the gel and matrix enlargement. This means that guar gum swelling is one of the factors affecting drug release. The swelling behavior of guar gum is therefore useful in expecting drug release.

Lipsticsks/Soaping and Shampoos

Guar Gum is soluble in cold and hot water and this result is not attacked by Bacteria. Guar Gum caring colloid forming capacity results in emulsion stabilization. It is also a good thickener and suspending agent in Cosmetics.


Mosquito coils

Guar Gum powder produced by Rama Industry is also widely used in other products such as photography, water treatment, fire fighting, incense stick, mosquito mat, soups, snacks, puddings, noodles, gems, ceramics, synthetic resins, carpet painting, wallpaper, water based paints, battery electrolytes, printing inks, polishes etc.

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