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Charecteristics Of Guar Gum

The most important property of Ricol Guar Gum is its ability to hydrate rapidly in cold water, to attain a very high viscosity at relatively low concentrations. Its specific colloidal nature gives the solution an excellent thickening power which is 6 to 10 times higher than that obtained from starch. It is stable over a wide range of pH. It also improves flowability and pumpability of fluid. It is a superior friction loss reducing agent.

Ricol Guar Gum, either modified or unmodified, is a very versatile and efficient bio-polymer covering a wide range of industrial applications such as:

  • Oil drilling
  • Textile printing
  • Human Food and Pet Food
  • Paper
  • Explosive
  • Water Treatment
  • Ore flotation

where its binding, thickening, film forming and lubricating factors are of great interest.

In paper industry, Guar Gum ensures a more regular distribution of pulp fibre throughout the sheet resulting in increased burst strength and tensile strength. High recovery of purified ore is achieved when it is used as depressant for slimes.

For food applications, Guar Gum is an effective water retention agent because it is intensely hydrophilic. It is widely used to thicken and stabilise salad dressings, ice-cream, lollipops, bakery products, confectioneries, meat, sausages and cheese spread. It is also used as a stabiliser in frozen food.

In textile industry, it is used as a thickening and sizing agent. It is used as thickening agent in various pharmaceutical preparations. Guar Gum is also used in various cosmetics in the manufacture of both toothpaste and shaving creams. It imparts slip for extruding the paste from the tube without applying excessive pressure. It mixes well with most detergent systems and hence is used in the manufacture of shampoos and cleansers.

Besides the above uses, Guar Gum is also used in ceramics, tobacco industry and in the manufacture of water-proofing agent in explosive.

The main applications of the above derivatives are as follows:

  1. Hydroxy-alkylated guar gum are the derivatives which have attracted the maximum applications of guar gum. In the paper industry, formation of derivatives results in a decrease in the extent of hydrogen bonds formed with cellulose, which is useful for production of certain special grades of paper. In the mineral industry, they are used as filtration aids in the treatment of uranium minerals. In the explosive industry, solubility in glycols and alcohol make these derivatives interesting as thickness for production of certain types of explosives.

    Hydroxypropyl guar may be deploymerized at controlled rates, using a compound such as ammonium persulfate. This technique is used in oil stimulation where viscosity of guar is used for fracturing and must be reduced afterwards through depolymerisation of the gum in order to enable pumping out of the oil.

  2. The carboxymethyl guar gives better results than guar gum in textiles and carpet printing.

  3. Modified guar gum is also used in textile industry.

  4. The oxidised guar gum is insoluble in water. It can be used as a wet-end paper additive.

  5. Acetates of guar gum can be used to make films.

  6. Cationic guar, being a highly active flocculant, can be used in mineral dressing and waste water treatment. It hydrates more quickly and is less acid or alkali sensitive than unmodified guar. It acts as a better flocculant for iron, copper and zinc ores. It imparts dry strength to paper. It is also useful for fibre retention and as a de-watering aid in sheet formation.

  7. Sulphated guar gum can be used as a substitute of heparin to prevent coagulation of blood.

  8. Guar gum formate is superior to modified guar gum as a sizing agent in the paper industry.

  9. Guar gum acrylamide, a reaction product of guar gum with acrylamide, provides stability in an alkaline medium for textile printing.

  10. Borate cross-linked guar gum is used in oil field drilling operations where it has been found to be more effective for the control of lost circulation.

  11. Reticulated guar gum is used as gelling agent in manufacture of liquid and solid explosives.

  12. Carboxymethyl hydroxy propyl guar gum is also used in fracturing applications in oil industry. Its application has been commercialised on a modest scale at present.

  13. Depolymerised guar gum is used as a dietary fibre in food industry.

Out of the above derivatives, the first three viz. hydroxypropyl guar gum, carboxymethyl guar gum, and modified guar gum constitute bulk of the total derivatives manufactured at present.


  • Oil Well Drilling
  • Paper
  • Mining
  • Water Treatment
  • Textile Printing
  • Explosives
  • Tobacco
  • Fire Fighting

Cosmetics and Miscellaneous

  • Hair setting
  • Lipsticsks
  • Soaping and Shampoos
  • Mosquito coils

Industry Wise Applications of Guar Gum

Sr. No Industry Uses Derivatives Functions
1 Oil Well Drilling Drilling fluids hydraulic fracturing Borate cross-linked guar gum, hydroxy alkyl ether derivatives Control of water loss, viscosity, suspension, turbulence, mobility, friction reduction.
2 Textile Printing Cotton, rayon silk, wool sizing, carpet printing Carboxy-methyl guar, hydroxy propyl guar, modified guar gum Reduces warp breakage, reduces dusting film forming thickening for dye.
3 Paper Wrapping paper, kraft, photographic paper, filter Oxidised guar gum, cross-linked, guar gum amino ethyl gum, modified guar gum, guar gum formate Replaces hemi-cellulose, increase strength, fold, pick, pulp hydration, etention of fines, decreases porosity.
4 Mining Concentration of ore, filtration Aminoethyl guar gum, sulphate of guar gum Flocculating and settling agent, filter aid.
5 Explosives Stick explosives, blasting slurries Reticulated guar gum, cyanoethyl ether of guar gum Water proofing, gelling agent.
6 Water Treatment Industrial water, drinking water Food grade guar gum Coagulant aid (food approved).
7 Tobacco Reconstitution of fragmented tobacco Reaction product of carboxy-methyl cellulose and guar gum Binding agent, strengthening agent.
8 Coal Mining Coal suspension, shock impregnation Borate cross-linked guar gum Friction reducing suspending agent
9 Fire Fighting Water for fighting fires Guar gum with ethylene glycol and glycerol Friction reducing, dispersion and direction control.
10 Ceramic Enamels, electro-ceramics Chlorinated guar gum Fixing, binding thickening agent.
11 Photography Emulsions, gelatine solutions Borate cross-linked guar gum hydrolysed guar gum Gelling, hardening agent.
12 Synthetic Resins Polymerisation, suspension, collagen dispersion Suspension of guar gum with CMC Thickening, binding agent.
13 Frozen Foods Ice creams, soft serves, frozen cakes Food grade guar gum with CMC Water retention, ice crystal inhibitor, stabilizer.
14 Bakery Bread, cakes, pastry icing Non-metabolished guar gum Dough improvement, greater moisture retention, prolonged shelf life.
15 Processed Cheese Cottage cheese, cream cheese In combination with other water soluble gums Increases the yield of curd solids, improves tenderness.
16 Dairy Products Yoghurts, desserts, moussess In combination with other water soluble gums Inhibits when separate keeps texture after sterilisation.
17 Dressings and Sauces Salad cream, pickles, barbecue relish In combination with other water soluble gums Cold water dispersible, acid resistant emulsion stabiliser.
18 Instant Mixes Pudding, sauces, desserts, beverages In combination with other water soluble gums Fast, cold, dispersible thickening and texturising agent.
19 Canned Foods Pet foods, corned meat, baby foods In combination with other water soluble gums Reduces splash while filling viscosity control prevention of fat migration.
20 Beverages Cocoa drink, fruit nectar, sugarless beverages In combination with other water soluble gums Acid resistant thickening and suspending agent.
21 Animal Feed Veterinary preparations, calf milk replacer In combination with other water soluble gums Suspending agent, granulating agent.
22 Pharmaceuti-cals Laxatives, slimming aids Food grade guar gum Bulking agent bulk forming appetite depressant.
    Gastric hyper acidity Food grade guar gum Synergistic activity with bismuth salt.
Diabetic treatment Food grade guar gum Reduction of urinary glucose loss.
Cholesterol Food grade guar gum Reducing aid.
Vitamin formation preparation Food grade guar gum Stable water soluble suspension.
23 Cosmetics Ointments Food grade guar gum Thickening agent, gives unctuousness.
    Lotions Food grade guar gum Lubricating, suspending agent.
Tablets Food grade guar gum Disintegrating and granulating agent.
Hair Shampoos Food grade guar gum Detergent compatible thickener.
Hair Conditioners Food grade guar gum Protective colloid film forming agent.

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