Industrial  Application


Oil Well Drilling

Uses: Drilling fluids hydraulic fracturing
Derivatives: 300Borate cross-linked guar gum, hydroxy alkyl ether derivatives
Functions: Control of water loss, viscosity, suspension, turbulence, mobility, friction reduction.

Textile Printing

Uses: Cotton, rayon silk, wool sizing, carpet printing
Derivatives: Carboxy-methyl guar, hydroxy propyl guar, modified guar gum
Functions: Reduces warp breakage, reduces dusting film forming thickening for dye.


Uses: Wrapping paper, kraft, photographic paper, filter
Derivatives: Oxidised guar gum, cross-linked, guar gum amino ethyl gum, modified guar gum, guar gum formate
Functions: Replaces hemi-cellulose, increase strength, fold, pick, pulp hydration, etention of fines, decreases porosity.


Uses: Concentration of ore, filtration
Derivatives: Aminoethyl guar gum, sulphate of guar gum
Functions: Flocculating and settling agent, filter aid.


Uses: Reconstitution of fragmented tobacco
Derivatives: Reaction product of carboxy-methyl cellulose and guar gum
Functions: Binding agent, strengthening agent.

Water Treatment

Uses: Industrial water, drinking water
Derivatives: Food grade guar gum
Functions: Coagulant aid (food approved).

Fire Fighting

Uses: Water for fighting fires
Derivatives: Guar gum with ethylene glycol and glycerol
Functions: Friction reducing, dispersion and direction control.


Uses: Emulsions, gelatine solutions
Derivatives: Borate cross-linked guar gum hydrolysed guar gum
Functions: Gelling, hardening agent.


Uses: Enamels, electro-ceramics
Derivatives: Chlorinated guar gum
Functions: Fixing, binding thickening agent.

Ricol - 280 - Quick Hydrating Gum

It is a very fast hydrating fine mesh guar gum that yields very high viscosity above 8000 cps in 1% concentration after two hours. It is extensively used for oil drilling, explosives and other industrial applications where quick hydration and immediate high terminal viscosity is needed. The product is suitable for all types of water based drilling fluids. Oil and gas, the two most important pillars of modern industry and our way of life, have to be extracted from deep in the earth. Supragel-800 plays an important part in drilling. It controls the rheology of the drilling fluid, giving it excellent flow properties even under severe conditions. It also serves as a shale inhibitor, fluid loss reducer, drill bit lubricant and solids carrier

Properties of Guar Gum:

  • It is soluble in cold water.
  • It has strong hydrogen bonding properties.
  • It has excellent thickening, emulsion, stabilizing and film forming properties
  • It has excellent stability to control theology by water phase management.

Guar Gum Is Used As:

  • Natural thickener
  • Emulsifier
  • Stabilizer
  • Bonding agent
  • Hydrocolloid
  • Gelling agent
  • Natural Fiber
  • Fracturing agent

Ricol – FH40 - Fast Hydrating Gum

The natural fast hydrating, dispersible and diesel slurriable guar gum is ideally suitable for all rheological requirements of oil well drilling, continuous fracturing and diesel slurry. It is widely used in oil well drilling due to its multi-function such as fluid and water loss control, viscosity control, lubrication. It is used for cooling of drill bits, mud drilling and cementing slurries, where immediate high viscosity and quick hydration is required. The main use of guar gum is in top whole oil well drilling. Industrial grade guar gum powder is suitable for use in oil well fracturing, oil well stimulation, mud drilling and serves as a stabilizer, thickener and suspending agent. In oil well drilling guar gum used as a surfactant, fracturing fluid and synthetic polymer for all requirements of water based and brine based oil well drills. It attains high viscosity in 3 minutes of time.

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