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Ricol - 150 - Natural Gelling Agent For Toothpaste

Yields 6000-7000 cps cold viscosity in 1% solution. It’s solution is gel like that improves the stability and flow properties. It acts as a water retention aid and finds uses in cosmetic and personal care industries. Toothpaste is a vital product for everyone’s personal hygiene. Whether the toothpaste is the clear gel or the paste type, it gets its body and texture from Hygel – 150, which also keeps its consistency uniform to the last drop. It is also used in shampoos in a similar way.

Ricol Rg - 250, Fine Mesh Whiter Colour Gum

Yields 5000cps minimum viscosity in 1% solution after 2 hours and is recommended for food applications where colour is of paramount importance. The product is recommended for use in fine and instant foods like jellies, cakes, noodles, soups, sauces, mayonnaise and tomato ketch-ups.

Ricol - 245 - Medium Coarse Mesh Gum

Yields 4500 – 5000 cps viscosity in 1% solution, disperses easily and hydrates quickly. Due to its unique water retention properties, it is highly recommended for meat processing.

Ricol 4060 Coarse Mesh

Yields insant, high terminal cold and hot viscosity as high as 4500 - 5000 cps in 1% concentration. Although the product is a very coarse mesh powder about 30 or 40 mesh yet it hydrates quickly in the cold and hot water system without settling down just within a few minutes of use. The solution so prepared looks like a jelly when mixed at a higher concentration.

Ricol - 250 - A 100% Dispersible Gum

Fast hydrating 100% dispersible food grade guar gum powder that yields high terminal viscosity In 10 Minits .minimum 5000cps in 1% concentration.

Ricol - Dod 250 - Odourless Gum

Fine mesh, nearly odourless that yields 4000 – 5000 cps viscosity in 1 % solution containing very low insoluble residues and ash. It helps in preventing undesirable smell in food articles and prevents whey-off during storage by controlling the viscosity and flow properties. The use of odourless and tasteless guar gum powder substantially improves the mouthfeel of food products.

Ricol Dp 300 - Slow Hydrating Gum

Product yields about 300 – 400 cps viscosity in 1% concentration after 15 minutes hydration. It is a denser product produced from the highest purified guar endosperm. It hydrates so slowly that the viscosity reaches about 1500 – 2000 cps after two hours. However, after 24 hours it yields highest terminal viscosity of about 3500 cps and is recommended for food application where ease of dispersion and slow swelling is needed.

Ricolgel 75 - Low Ph Compatible Gum

Yields cold viscosity in 1% concentration as high as 5000 cps even if the pH is lower in the range 2.5 – 3.0. However, the actual value depends on the type of product and acid or salt involved. In soft cheese products, it speeds coagulation, increases curd yield and makes curd separation easier. It enhances the resilient body and texture desired in the finished cheese. The product also finds uses in acidified dairy products like yoghurts to prevent serum separation.

Vhv Guar - Fast Hydrating, High Viscosity Gum

It is a fast hydrating fine mesh guar gum that yields very high viscosity of above 7000 cps in 1% concentration after two hours. Its use is recommended for food and industrial applications where fast hydration and high terminal viscosity in a shorter period is needed.

Refined Tamarind Gum - Food Grade

Tamarind Gum is predominantly polysaccharide of the seed of the tamarind tree 'tamarindus indica' indigenous to South India. Washed tamarind polysaccharides are subjected to mechanical processing at a certain temperature to obtain a dispersible and exceedingly high pure microbiological product i.e. maximum APC 1000/g. Food applications of tamarind gums include use in confections, jams and jellies and a stabiliser in ice cream and mayonnaise. Product is available in coarse and fine mesh which yields 600 to 700 cps viscosity in 2% hot water concentration.

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