Fast   Hydrating   Guar   Gum

Fast Hydrating Guar Gum Powder

Fast hydration guar gum powder (FHG) is also known as quick hydration guar gum powder, diesel slurry guar gum, etc. Regular guar gum powder gives viscosity after two hours whereas fast hydration gaur gum powder achieves more than 85% of its final viscosity within few minutes.

The most common use of this product is to increase the production of oil & gas and is used in industries like well drilling, oil & gas drilling. It is mostly used for applications where quick hydration and high lethal viscosity is required.

Fast hydrating guar gum powder used as a surfactant, artificial polymer and defoamer which is perfect for all rheological necessities of water-based and brine-based drilling fluids.

We offer our widespread range of fast hydration guar gum powder in order to grasp and meet diverse supplies of our well-regarded customers. The product range on hand by our company is widely acepted in the market for its excellent features like transparency, safe and sound handling, long shelf-life and precise composition.

Thus, we make every effort to maintain outstanding market values in FHG and satisfy diverse needs of market competancy.


Color Off White / Ceramist to pale yellow
Mesh 200 Mesh retain 01%.
Texture Fine powder soluble in water.
Ash 01.00% Max.
Protein 05.00% Max.
Moisture 07.00% Max.
Gum (By Diff) 82.00% Min
P.H. 7 to 8

Fann Viscosity

Viscosity at 2% KCL Solution, with 0.48% Solution of Guar Gum Powder at FANN 35SA Viscometer on 300 RPM at 25° C(stirring at 1500 RPM for two & half minutes in warring blender)

Parameters RGFH(30-35) RGFH(35-40) RGFH(38-42) RGFH(40-45) RGFH(43-47) RGFH(45-50)
Fann 3mins 30 cpsmin 36 cpsmin 38 cpsmin 41 cpsmin 43 cpsmin 45 cpsmin
Fann 60mins 35 cpsmin 41 cpsmin 43 cpsmin 46 cpsmin 48 cpsmin 50 cpsmin

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