Cumin  Seed

Cumin Powder


  • Defective Rhizomes NOT DETECTED IS:1797:1985
  • Moisture 7.98% IS:1797:1985
  • Voilatile Oil 0.91% IS:1797:1985
  • Total Ash 8.04% IS:1797:1985
  • Acid Insoluble Ash 0.29% IS:1797:1985
  • Total Plate Count 12500 cfu/gram IS:5402-2002
  • Salmonella Absent per 25 grams IS:5887(P-3)1999
  • E. Coli Absent per gram IS:5887(P-3)2000
  • Coliform Absent per gram IS:5401(P-1)2002
  • Yeast and Mould 740 cfu/gram IS:5403:1969
  • Staphylococcus Aureus Absent per gram IS:5887(P-3)2000
  • Aflatoxin (B1,B2,G1&G2 BY TLC) NOT DETECTED SOP
1 Description It is free from Mould, Living and dead insects, insect’s fragments, and rodent contamination, other harmful substance and added colouring matter.
2 Extraneous matter Max 3.0 % by weight
3 Broken fruits (Damaged or shrivelled, discoloured and immature seed) Max 5.0 % by weight
4 Moisture Max 10.0 % by weight
5 Total ash on dry basis Max 9.50 % by weight
6 Acid insoluble ash in dilute HCl on dry basis Max 3.0 % by weight
7 Non – volatile ether extract on dry basis Min 15.0 % by weight
8 Volatile oil content on dry basis Min 1.5 % by weight V / W
9 Salmonella Absent in 25 gram
10 Proportion of edible seeds other than cumin seeds Absent
11 Insect damaged matter Max 1.0 % by weight

Cumin Seed

Cumin seed is an antioxidant. Antioxidants destroy free radicals in your body, precursors to cancerous cells. Antioxidant foods are seen as a key in cancer prevention and cumin seed is among them.

Quality 1) Brown in colour.
General Specifications 1) Admixture max 1%. Machine Cleaned.
2) Admixture max 4%.
Packing In about 50 kgs jute bags nett.
Quantity About 12 MT per 20 ft FCL.
Photo 1) Cumin seed


Cumin is the dried seed of the herb Cuminum cyminum, a member of the parsley family. The Cumin plant grows to about 1 to 2 feet tall and is harvested by hand. Cumin is a key component in both Chili Powder and Curry Powder

Cumin seed is a low calorie spice with only about seven calories per teaspoon. Cumin seed is also a source of minerals according to the USDA nutrient database. A teaspoon of cumin seed contains about seven percent of the daily iron requirement and about three percent of the daily manganese requirement. The graph at right displays the mineral content for 100 grams which is about a dozen teaspoons. You will not consume anywhere near that quantity of cumin seed. Because of the small quantities we tend to eat, cumin seed is not likely to contribute in a strong way to our nutrition. Even so, cumin seed can add small amounts of iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium to your diet, chipping away at any iron deficiency you might have.

'B' Vitamins in Cumin Seed

Cumin seed also provides a bit of 'B' vitamins, particularly thiamin, niacin, vitamin B-6, and riboflavin. B vitamins support a healthy brain and help maintain your energy. One of the best sources of B vitamins include beef which goes well with cumin seed seasoning, a great B-vitamin combination.

Cumin Seed Uses

The flavor of Cumin plays a major role in Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indian cuisines. Cumin is a critical ingredient of chili powder, and is found in achiote blends, adobos, garam masala, curry.

Cumin is the second most popular spice in the world after black pepper. Cumin seeds are used as a spice for their distinctive aroma, popular in Nepalese, Indian, Pakistani, North African, Middle Eastern, Sri Lankan, Cuban, northern Mexican cuisines, central Asian Uzbek cuisine, and the western Chinese cuisines of Sichuan and Xinjiang. Cumin can be found in some Dutch cheeses, such as Leyden cheese, and in some traditional breads from France. It is commonly used in traditional Brazilian cuisine. Cumin can be an ingredient in chili powder (often Texan or Mexican-style), and is found in achiote blends, adobos, sofrito, garam masala, curry powder, and bahaarat.

Cumin can be used ground or as whole seeds. Cumin was also used heavily in ancient Roman cuisine. It helps to add an earthy and warming feeling to cooking, making it a staple in certain stews and soups, as well as curries and chilli.

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