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Babulal V Shah (Founder)

Babulal .V. Shah is the face of new emerging India. He is the founder of Rama Gum Industries India Limited, India’s largest agro based sector company founded in late back 1970.Babulal.V.shah was the brain behind Rama Gum Industries India Limited ’to start guar gum plant in Deesa city near Rajasthan boarder . He is so much experienced in purchasing high quality of guar, due to his enormous skill and achievement he is also honored many times.in the present time he is having responsibility to buy high quality grade of guar and other agro base products for export purpose.

Mitul B Shah (C.E.O)

Mitul B shah is an Indian guar based products exporter, in the western part of India. He is the C.E.O of Rama gum industries India .ltd, one of the largest agro product exporter of India. He is having six production unit of different agricultural product and incorporated in the filled of exporting agricultural product from last 20 years. His experience and outstanding skill is inherited from his father. Mr Shah mainly operates entire export division of Rama Group and his skill is awarded by many government and non-government organization for his outstanding performances in exporting mainly guar based product.

Early life

Mitul b shah had no dislike for studies but his mad o quit schooling to help his father who was striving to promote guar gum business with a niggardly rs 20000 as capital. Little did young mitul knew then that his lack of formal school education instead of being a lamentable development could would indeed turn into a blessing in disguise?

Because, life itself became mitul’s teacher help him to learn all that needed to be leant to become a successful self-taught entrepreneur and build his own destiny through sheer will powder and sweat and toil of his labours.today,in just under two decade since 1995 mitul shah has built a multi-crore rupee baseness in guar gum and its related products besides a broad range of agriculture products and prices. He has put deesa and Rama Gum industries India Limited pre-dominantly in the global sourcing map for guar gum

Production specially its powder which royal chemistry of u.k say has one hundred one application

Mitul shah has made up his lack of schooling buy learning to speak fluent English he has acquired prowess to transact business in French he can strike deals easily with Africa with his understanding of Swahililand he knows enough nuances of chinses language to be able to do business with china.

Dr. Mehul Mehta (Managing director)

Dr. Mehul Mehta plays a significant role for corresponding with international clients, and giving them quick facility of handling and transporting packed material on desirable time. His presentation in global market makes him different from other. M.r Mehta performs the duty of reaching consignment from placed order. And maintaining relations with foreign clients.

Jinpal B Shah (Managing director)

Jinpal B Shah is an experienced and having excellent knowledge of producing high quality of guar based products using different methods and machinery. All production plant of Rama Group are regularly monitored by him. Mr Shah always look for new technology and innovations He enhance and maintain the company’s standard and protocols by his versatile way of working and manage the entire Rama Group

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