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Fenugreek (scientific name Trigonella foenum-graecum) is a plant native to Western Asia and the Mediterranean. It has three green or yellow oblong leaves, which can be consumed fresh or dried.

Fenugreek leaves and seeds are important for cooking and medicines. Fenugreek seeds, also known as methi seeds, are a common ingredient in Indian curries, as well as Turkish, Persian, Eritrean, Ethiopian, and Egyptian cuisine. Because of their sweet, maple-syrup like smell and flavor, fenugreek seeds are also added to artificial maple syrup, candies, ice cream, beverages, tobacco, soaps, and cosmetics.

While people use fenugreek seeds in a wide array of products today, they have also been consuming them for thousands of years. Archaeologists have discovered cooked fenugreek seeds in Iraq dating back to 4,000 BC!

Not only do fenugreek seeds taste good, but they have several health benefits. Let’s take a closer look at the composition of fenugreek or methi seeds to figure out why they work as an effective herbal supplement.

Application of Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are ground and roasted and used to flavor to curry. The seeds are also soaked and then powdered and used to make lip balm and tonic.

The seeds can be used to make tea, which can reduce fever and menstrual pains, or they can be used in an ointment to treat skin infections.

Ground seeds are often used to give a maple flavor to sweets and candies. Ground seeds are also used to flavor cattle food, including different vegetable meals and hays.

Type of quality we have in Fenugreek seed:-

  • 1) Fenugreek seed clean
  • 2) Fenugreek seed clean and sortex (bold)
Extraneous foraign matter 0.50% Max
Admixure 2% Max
Colour Yellowy brown
Flavour Spicy and slightly bitter characteristic of Fenugreek.Free from off flavours or odours

Wide use of FENUGREEK

  • Fenugreek as food stabilizer, food adhesive, food emulsifier and gum
  • Pickels and curry
  • Bakery products
  • Chewing gum
  • Pharmacuticals
  • Sweets and Candies
  • Spice

Fenugreek spit to Fenugreek Gum Powder

We have own manufacturing plant for processing of fenugreek seed to split and followed by processing of fenugreek powder

Production capacity 4000 MT / PER YEAR

The fenugreek gum powder is tasteless and odourless. It contains galactomannan which is a polysaccharide made of galactose combined with mannan, high molecular compound of mannose. Galactomannan has the property of viscosity which can convert milk into ice cream, cocoa into chocolate and when dissolved in water it forms gum.

The ratio of galactose to mannose for fenugreek is 1:1 when compared to guar gum and locust bean gum having ratio of 1:2 and 1:4 respectively, it can be found that fenugreek gum powder contains more galactose and so has superior solubility as well as dispersiveness which results to forming of stable colloid for a longer period of time. As Mannan is hydrophobic, it is completely insoluble in water. But, as fenugreek gum powder is the combination of galactose which is hydrophilic and mannan which is hydrophobic, fenugreek gum is surface active. It means that fenugreek gum powder is an emulsifier which can mix water and oil. Thus, fenugreek gum works as a gum and an emulsifier both which has enabled its use as a stabilizer for food. Compared to other conventional gums like guar gum and locust bean gum, fenugreek gum has superior characteristics and so is used in many industries.

Fenugreek gum powder – instantly availaby grades

Mesh Cold viscosity range in 1% concentration Viscosity after Microbiological range Applications
150 100 - 500 cps 2hr - 24hr Industrial gum food and pharma
200 500 - 1000 cps 2hr - 24hr APC 500 - 5000/g Food
200 1500 - 2500 cps 2hr - 24hr APC 1000 - 5000/g Food
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